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Graphenano One

Graphenano One is the first boat in the world made of a composite doped with graphene. It is a leisure vessel more than 9 metres long with engine propulsion the weight of which, thanks to the graphene, has been reduced by 20% in comparison with a similar boat made with traditional composite without graphene.

Graphene increases the mechanical properties of force and strength of the composites and optimises the amount of material used. It also reduces wear and increases the durability of the vessel, which requires minimal maintenance. As a consequence, Graphenano One is lighter, faster, has lower water resistance and guarantees greater stability and safety.

Its design involved the application of leading technology in the vacuum resin infusion market with a glass fibre laminate, designed exclusively by the company Gamma Tensor for use with nano-materials. The resins used were supplied by Gazechim, a leading company in Europe for the distribution of materials for composites and currently a collaborator with Graphenano Composites in new developments.

The fusion process is environment friendly since the resins are cured in a vacuum with a very low percentage of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Added to this is the improvement in the lightness and resistance of Graphenano One which, thanks to the graphene, allows its consumption to be reduced, saving fuel and reducing pollution.