High speed railway line sign based on a compound of Advantex fibre cloth mixed with heat stable plastic resins and the entire assembly doped with graphene nano-particles. Compacting these materials gives a resistance to traction, compression and shear that withstands the mechanical tests.


Current signs are designed with aluminium profiles on the perimeter that withstand the loads set by the ISO standard. Thanks to the graphene, this aluminium profile can be discarded and a self-supporting structure manufactured that meets all the requirements. Thus the amount of material needed and the manufacturing time can be reduced, resulting in the optimised production of the signs.


Tecnivial, a leader in road, railway and airport safety in Spain, was the company with which Graphenano Composites worked to improve exponentially the properties of its materials for signage and marking thanks to the incorporation of graphene in the composites.

Signs with:

  • High lightness and durability.
  • Corrosion free. Completely resistant to aggressive ambients.
  • Excellent behaviour in damp and wind and snow loads.
  • Saving in manufacturing costs.
  • Easy installation and handling.
  • Lower environmental impact.
  • Low residual value.