Self-Supported cantilevered canopy

Cantilevered canopy installed in the new headquarters of Gazechim (Valencia, Spain), company which supplies resins to Graphenano Composites with which it has a strategic collaboration agreement.


Gazechim Composites Ibérica, leader in the distribution of composites materials, has placed its trust in Graphenano for the building of this piece of architecture that, in real terms, is the biggest manufactured by nanotechnology in the world.

composites gazechim

This is a canopy of 340 m2, for the manufacture of which the latest technology in the sector had to be used: a new generation of composites which incorporates graphene nanotechnology. Among the advantages of graphene composites, from which this structure benefits, are: exponential improvements in terms of lightness, strength/weight, durability, fatigue strength and better behavior against water and other atmospheric or chemical agents.

The objective of this project was the construction of an emblematic building that would reflect the benefits of composites by the means of structures of three-dimensional shapes and double curvatures that were self-supporting, giving the illusion to be held in the air. This construction would have been impossible with traditional materials like steel or concrete in terms of strength and lightness.