For the construction sector, Graphenano Composites offers a wide range of resin profiles reinforced with glass fibre and incorporating the graphene additive.

The result is much stronger and more rigid profiles protected against hydrolysis and bacteria and more durable.

Graphenano Composites works with glass fibre and commercial thermo stable resins (polyester, vinylester and epoxy), these last doped with graphene additive.


Glass fibre is a good heat insulator, inert to acids and capable of withstanding high temperatures. Resins doped with graphene provide more advantages to the final composites such as greater strength, greater rigidity and anti-corrosion, fireproof and self-extinguishing properties.


In the pultrusion process, the glass fibres impregnated with resins are subjected to pulling operations and enclosed in a closed mould at high temperature so that the polymerising and curing process of the resin occurs in their interior.

Its advantages compared to other processes notably include:

  • High rigidity and consistency of the end products.
  • Versatility of shapes, depending on the geometry of the mould.
  • Profiles cut to measure. Possibility of obtaining long lengths.
  • High production speed and continuity.
  • Good surface finish.