Nanotec signs

Nanotec Composite signs for signalling and road safety, are a result of a collaborative project between Graphenano Composites and Tecnivial, Spanish leader in road, railway and airport safety. Nanotec signs are the first in the world to be manufactured with graphene composite.

These signs are made with CompoGraph resin with graphene nanotechnology, which increases its mechanical features such as resistance to traction, compression and shear. The optimization of materials provides the signs with greater lightness compared to steel or aluminum signs, making them very competitive.


Current signs are designed with aluminium profiles on the perimeter that withstand the loads set by the ISO standard. Thanks to the graphene, this aluminium profile can be discarded, and a self-supporting structure manufactured that meets all the requirements.


This way, the amount of material needed and the manufacturing time can be reduced, resulting in the optimised production of the signs.

Nanotec signs have been subjected to demanding tensile strength, breakage, elasticity, durability and wind tunnel tests overcoming wind efforts equivalent to the passage of a train through a tunnel at more than 310 km/h, complying with European regulations EN 12899-1 and obtaining the CE marking.


These signs can already be seen in roads in the urban centre of Ibiza and on the Chamartín-Torrejón de Velasco high speed railway section. These are just the first tests of what will undoubtedly be the future of signage.