Inspection lid for civil work made with elements derived from the recycling of tyres and thermo stable resins, reinforced with Advantex fibre cloth and the entire assembly doped with graphene nano-particles. By compacting these materials at high temperatures, high strength to traction, compression and shear force is achieved.


Inspection lids made of metal have the inconvenience of being heavy while being attacked by corrosion so that, after a limited time, they must be treated or even replaced. They are also materials likely to be stolen which implies that these pits and sewers are left uncovered with the consequent danger this represents for persons and vehicles transiting the public roads. The lid made of advanced composites has no residual value.


In addition, because the lids are made with elements derived from recycled tyres, the very polluting scrapped tyres are prevented from affecting the environment.

  • Maximum/free diameter: 687/650 mm
  • Thickness: 50 mm
  • Weight: 21.5 kg
  • Tension modulus: 3.67 GPa
  • Tension resistance: 49 MPa
  • Rigidity: 87,799,504 Nmm2/mm
  • Maximum load: > 40,000 kg
  • Maximum dip: 3.1 mm